Bo F. Munthe

Father of european Bujinkan


Bo F. Munthe was born on April 13th 1943 in Stockholm, Sweden, where he still lives. He belongs amongs leading experts in ninjutsu in the world and he holds 9th dan and title Shihan.

He was one of the first three non-japanese students of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi and first european.


Being 15 years old he began to train judo, later came kempo, ju jutsu and goshin jutsu. One day he found book about ninjutsu and hanbo jutsu / „Stick fighting“ from Masaaki Hatsumi / and immediately recognized that this is what he was looking for. He contacted japanese publisher and after some time he got adress of Soke Hatsumi. In september 1975 came Shihan Tetsuji Ishizuka first time to Sweden and Bo Munthe was introduced to his first lessons in ninjutsu.


In 1976 he travelled to Japan to train with Dr. Hatsumi. He was friendly accepted and taught personally by Soke Hatsumi. In October 1982 opened Bo Munthe in Stockholm first oficial dojo in Europe and training spreaded soon over whole Sweden. In 1984 came first letters with questions and requests for training. Thanks to travelling and seminars led by Bo Munthe ninjutsu became later familiar in whole Europe – 1983 United Kingdom, 1984 Greece, Holland and Norway, 1985 Spain and Finland, 1987 Germany etc.

Today, Bo Munthe still continues his training and is living inspiration for his students.


Art/style Examinator:
9 dan Bujinkan budo taijutsu (1993) Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Japan

6 dan kobudo (1989) Soke Lucien Ott, Belgien

5 dan ju jitsu (1988) Soke Lucien Ott, Belgien

5 dan jujitsu (1997) Prof. Richard Morris, UK

4 dan jiu jitsu (1987) Renshi Jim Shortt (UK)

3 dan jujitsu (1984) Sensei Jan Erik Karlsson, Sweden

3 dan kempo karate (1987) Sensei Pedro Rojas, Spain

3 dan modern self defence Sensei Martin Wietschorke, Germany

1 dan Tae kwon do HC (1990) Sensei Alfredo Iglesias, Spain

1 dan judo (1973) Svenska Budoförbundet (The Swedish Budo Federation)/RGK

1 dan Ju-shin-jitsu (1977) Soke Georg Irénius, Sweden

1 dan renshinkan karatedo (1978) Sensei Zsolt Györbiro, Sweden

1 dan jujutsu/goshin ryu (1978) Sensei Vernon Bell, UK

1 dan karate HC (1985) ASKO/UK

1st level Trainer (1981) Shadows of Iga, Stephen K. Hayes (USA)

6 dan ninpo kito ryu (1988) Association Espanola de Ninjutsu

5 dan karate HC (1984) Sensei Rui Mendoca, Spain

Awards - merits:
Bu-fu yukosho, Honorary Medal-gold (1985) Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Japan

Highest Award (1997) Svenska Budoförbundet (The Swedish Budo Federation)

Shidoshi (1988) Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, Japan

Honorary President, Bujinkan Dojo Espana (89) Shihan Pedro Fleitas, Spain

Instructors license, LETA, Law Enforcement Training Agency (1987) UK

Instructor, CTT, Combat Training Team (1983) UK

Instructor Police Self defence Training, Close Combat (1986) Spain

Certicate of Merit, Introductory Course CQB Special Air Service (SAS), Wales

Trainingcourse Executive Corporate Security, IBA (1987), UK